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Chemical Peels in Atlanta, GA

Simple, Quick, And Effective!

Chemical Peels in Atlanta at YMD Medspa

A traditional skin rejuvenation treatment, such as a chemical peel, may do wonders for your appearance. This time-honored method of skin rejuvenation uses a gentle exfoliation technique to quickly and noticeably improve the skin's texture and tone. YMD Medspa's chemical peels in Atlanta have been shown to provide long-lasting benefits.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

What are chemical peels?

A chemical peel is a popular cosmetic treatment in which the skin's outer layers are removed by applying a chemical solution, revealing skin that's lighter, smoother, and more evenly toned. They can also enhance the skin texture, tone, and quality. Acids are the primary peeling agents used in professionally-administered peels.

Chemical Peel Treatments in Atlanta, GA at YMD MedSpa Atlanta

Who Can Benefit From
A Chemical Peel?

What are the benefits of chemical peels?

At YMD Medspa, we offer an array of chemical peels tailor-made to the patient’s needs. Some of the benefits of chemical peels include stimulating collagen production, light, gentle exfoliation, decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of hyperpigmentation, discoloration, and spots, clearing up acne, improving the common signs of aging and sun damage, and decreasing the appearance of melasma.

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Your Chemical Peels Consultation

One of our Atlanta chemical peel experts will cover all of the specifics of the treatment with you when you book your appointment. Your therapy may be customized to meet your individual requirements to give you the best results possible! Schedule an appointment for a chemical peel consultation so we can help give you the revitalized look you’ve been wanting!

Chemical Peel Treatments in Atlanta, GA at YMD MedSpa Atlanta

How It Works

Your Chemical Peels Procedure

Peels come in a wide variety of substances and purposes. Not all chemical peels are created equal; some just act on the surface of the skin, while others can reach deeper layers. When choosing the best chemical peel for your skin, take in mind that certain peels exfoliate more than others. The results you want, your skin tone, and your current skin issues will all determine which chemical peel is ideal for you.

How Many Treatments Will It Take For Me To See Results?

Chemical Peels Results

We know you’re busy, and we respect your schedule. So just how long does the treatment take? Chemical Peels are quick and take just a few minutes to perform from start to finish. While Chemical Peels can be a standalone treatment, they are often performed with a facial, adding time to the treatment. Following a chemical peel Atlanta patients may begin to see results within a day or two. They will continue to improve as new skin cells begin to make their way to the skin's surface. Quick and easy!

What Is The Downtime For A Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels Recovery and Aftercare

What precautions should you take after your chemical peel procedure? Post-peel care is essential. It's best to avoid exfoliating acids and harsh active ingredients, like retinol, and glycolic and salicylic acids, since the skin can be red, dry, and flaky for a few days after a peel. You'll also want to keep the skin well hydrated with a good moisturizer and protected with ample sun protection (to prevent pigmentation from developing). Whether or not you need to rest after getting a chemical peel depends on the kind of peel you get. After getting a peel, your skin may feel dry, slightly red, or irritated for up to a week. Chemical peels typically cause the skin to flake and peel.

Chemical Peels Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, chemical peels can be performed without any negative consequences. But hyperpigmentation can develop following a peel, especially if you remove the exfoliating skin off your face too roughly. Due to the pore-clearing and skin-exfoliating effects of chemical peels, mild outbreaks are often experienced.

You'll see the effects as soon as your skin has healed. For a light or lunchtime peel, healing takes one day, but for a deeper peel, it may take 14 days or longer. It could take three to five peels to achieve the desired effects from a lunchtime peel.

From wellness to anti-aging skincare, our aesthetic experts at YMD Med Spa provide a boutique experience with non-invasive procedures for Atlanta, Buckhead, and out of town patients. Schedule your consultation today.

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